Dear Elders and Sisters, Letter #15: There is Real Power in Having a Testimony of Your Call

Dear Elders and Sisters, Letter #15:There is Real Power in Having a Testimony of Your Call

Eight months after the church was officially organized the Lord revealed through Joseph Smith a grand key to the power in His service. In a revelation to Edward Partridge he said, “And I will lay my hand upon you by the hand of my servant Sidney Rigdon…” (DC 36:2) As his servant, you truly act in His name and in His place. As a missionary when you teach a lesson, or give a blessing, or do any other official act, it is as if it was done by the Lord himself.

elder-and-sister-neilsonI was reminded of this very important principle several times this week. Tuesday night Elder and Sister Brent Nielson spoke to the missionaries. Elder Nielson told the missionaries that he had been meeting monthly in the Salt Lake Temple with the First Presidency and 12 Apostles for many years now. At nearly every meeting President Monson had spoken, and had concluded his remarks with the same two reminders. First, whom the Lord calls—He qualifies. Second, when you are on the Lord’s errand, you are entitled to the Lord’s help.

Friday night as I sat relaxing in my bed I received a call from two of our local missionaries. They needed me to do them a favor which would require me leaving my home that evening. Although I was tired, my mind quickly went to the Lord’s promise in DC 84 which reads:

36 For he that receiveth my servants receiveth me;

37 And he that receiveth me receiveth my Father;

38 And he that receiveth my Father receiveth my Father’s kingdom; therefore all that my Father hath shall be given unto him.

How fortunate I was that the Elders had called me! This was my opportunity to literally receive the Lord and in turn the Father, His Kingdom, and all that He hath. Later that night I sent the Elders a message thanking them for calling on me to help and requesting more such opportunities. It turned out that their dinner appointment for the following day had canceled so we invited them to our home. After the meal, they shared a brief but powerful message with us. Although the doctrine was wonderful, how they taught it was what really stayed with me.

The junior of the two Elders was given the lead and concluded his message by saying, “As the Lord’s duly appointed servants and as His authorized messengers we testify of Him and prodec-2215-1mise you that…” He then went on to make some wonderful promises to our family regarding reading the Book of Mormon. A powerful spirit entered the room as he spoke and declared themselves to be the Lord’s duly appointed messengers.
Dear Elders and Sisters, if you are to have power in this work, you must have a testimony of your call as “the Lord’s duly appointed servant.” As you receive this witness your entire perspective changes. You approach people with confidence, knowing that you have been sent by the Savior and Creator of the world. You feel that every person you talk to is lucky. When you tract someone out, or are given their name as a referral, they are being given the opportunity to receive the Lord himself, the Father, and in turn all that the Father has to offer.

Not only do you notice a change in the way you approach others, but you find that your attitudes and behavior change. Obedience becomes a necessity and a joy. You realize that you must act as the Lord would act, because you have become His hands, His feet, and His voice. You will find greater joy in the service and a positive happy attitude will begin to permeate all that you do.

president-monsonSister Eggett and I have testimonies of your callings as missionaries. We have been in your presence enough to know that the Lord has called you through his living mouthpiece today. You have been assigned to your field of labor through inspiration and you are entitled to His help and his blessing.

Have a wonderful week. We are all praying for you and we know Heavenly Father hears our prayers.

Love Brother and Sister Eggett

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  1. This is amazing! I love the promised blessings as we accept opportunities to serve others in His name (even us who aren’t set apart as full time missionaries!) Thank you for this message!

  2. Esse espírito nos sentimos quando vocês entraram em nossa casa e fizeram uma promessa que sempre sentiriamos esse espirito se fossemos obediente uma grande verdade esta aendo comprida em nossa familia amamos voces familia eggetts

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